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  About Los Primos  

Based in New Mexico for over a decade, Los Primos relocated in 2015 and is now based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Los Primos, a seasoned group of musicians, that perform with a passion and fresh perspective the traditional music of the Mariachi and Trio Romantico.  They have earned a reputation for the variety of music they play and the ability to adapt each show to entertain their audience. Their colorful and festive guayabera shirts have become a trademark which parallels the unique and festive entertainment that this group provides.

The group has performed for hundreds of events of every kind.  Los Primos has performed for many public and private events both on and off stage at festivals, theatres, wedding ceremonies/receptions and private serenades/serenatas.

Performing for more than 40 weddings a year, Los Primos acoustic music is a favorite of brides from around the world (including Chicago) who chose to have their ceremony and reception in the beautiful and historic city of Santa Fe. 

Show with Dancers
Along with dance company Ballet en Fuego, Los Primos have produced the sold out "Fiesta de Colores" show.

The group always customizes performances to your particular tastes and location to give the best show possible.  Customizations include  music selection, the addition of one or more dancers and sound amplification equipment.  Since Los Primos has performed at most of the wonderful event locations that New Mexico has to offer, they would be happy to make suggestions or answer any questions you may have.

For packages, rates, and availability, contact:

Juan Lucero
(505) 835-4970

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